Summer Camp FAQ: Campers

Who will be in my cabin?

Cabins are arranged with campers according to and separated by gender and age.

How are we grouped for activities?

It can be by cabin, age or gender or by all three.

Is this camp more for boys or girls?

The camp is equally for both boys and girls.

Where do most of the Hoblitzelle campers come from?

Our campers come from all over the state of Texas.

What does a camper's day-to-day schedule look like?

You can find the answer to this at our Daily Adventures page.

How is the food?

To keep you healthy and strong, campers will receive three nutritional, well-balanced meals a day, as well as, an afternoon and evening snack.

Do all campers eat at the same time?

All meals are generally served at the same time; to keep from long lines we stagger the starting times of snack time by 15 minutes.

What time do campers wake up and go to sleep?

Wake up time is 7:00 a.m. and lights out is 9:30 p.m.

How much money do I need to bring?

Not one red penny. All meals, activities, events, etc. are already taken care of by the time you step on to the camp.

How are the cabins designed?

Each cabin has indoor toilets, and showers and air conditioning. You can view our cabins, along with other camp locations at the interactive map.

How many children are in each cabin?

This depends upon the number enrolled for a particular session, but the number of children in each cabin ranges from 15–20.

Can I call home?

For the smooth operations of camp we do not allow phone calls to be made by our campers. If you become severely homesick or if there is a medical emergency, be assured we will allow you to contact home.

Is it fun?

Yes! We have so much for you to do. In fact many of campers come back year after year.

What kind of rules do they have?

Respect everyone,
Use only good words,
Listen when others are speaking,
Enjoy yourself and help others to enjoy themselves, too,
Stay with your group.

Is it scary at night?

Nothing at all to fear! You will have your buddies in the same room with you, kind of like having a dozen brothers or sisters, plus your Counselor stays and lives in the same cabin as you, so they are no more than a few feet away from your room.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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