Summer Camp FAQ: Parents

Is this a co-ed camp?

Yes. Boys and girls live and sleep in separate cabins, but all activities are shared.

What does my child need to bring?

You can find a recommended packing list here. No money needs to be taken to camp by any child. There are no additional charges while at camp.

Can I go up to camp while my child is in session?

For the smooth adjustment of campers and the efficient operation of camp, visits are not allowed and phone calls are strongly discouraged. But please feel free to send your child a letter or card to the Camp.

What if my child's birthday falls on a day when he/she is at camp?

Not a problem! Every child who celebrates a birthday while camp is in session will receive cake, a small gift and a special birthday song which is sung by our Kitchen and Dining Hall staff. Their table is decorated with balloons and party hats for everyone in their cabin to join in on the special occasion. Although toys and/or expensive gifts are discouraged, we do encourage you to send a birthday card.

What activities are available?

Take a look at our activities on our interactive map.

Can my child be placed in the same cabin with a friend?

Children are placed in cabins according to age and sex. For the most part friends, siblings, and other relatives are not placed in cabins together. Camp is a place to make new friends and by not allowing friends and relations to be placed together it starts everyone off on the same foot.

Where do most of the staff come from?

Our staff come from across the state of Texas. But many other states are represented in addition to Europe, the Carribean and other parts of the world. You can learn about our staff on the About our Staff page.

Camp Fees?

Fees are designed so that every family can afford to send their children to Camp Hoblitzelle. The total cost will vary according to your location and can be determined by contacting your local Salvation Army office. If you live in an area with no Salvation Army office, please contact our Service Extension Department at (214) 956-6230.

What if my camper misses the session he/she was registered for?

We will make every effort to switch your child to another session, if space is available.

Do you offer meals for special diets?

Special meals are offered to children who have documented allergies to certain foods, or medically prescribed dietary requirements.

How are emergencies handled?

In the event of illness or an emergency or when a child must return home early, a parent or guardian will be the first person to be notified. It is to the child's advantage that we are able to reach you promptly.

How old are the counselors?

Counselors age range start from 18 years old and up. Learn more about our Summer Staff here.

How are the counselors trained?

Counselors receive 6–7 days of pre-camp training according to Texas State Law and American Camp Association related to the procedures of camp programming and the supervision of your child.

Tell me more about your Leadership Staff.

Leadership Staff have to be at least 21 years old. They receive additional training related to supervision and program skills.

How can I find out more about Camp Hoblitzelle?

Feel free to drop us an email; alternatively you can find more information on the contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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