Camp Schedule

Daily Adventures

Wake Up

Rise and shine! At 7:15am, it's time to wake up, clean up, get dressed and head out!

Flag Raising

We start every morning at camp as a community. We gather round the flag pole to greet the day and each other, paying tribute to God and Country.


Yum! Eat as much of the hot meal as you possibly can. There's also plenty of cereal and fruit! Like all camp meals, breakfast is served family-style.

Morning Manna

With wake up worship and an introduction to the day’s theme this is a time for the whole camp to gather in the Chapel and gear up for the day ahead.


Following Morning Manna, it's time to head out the door to spend the morning doing fun Camptivities. With three periods a day each camper is afforded the opportunity to do awesome activities such as horseback riding, rock climbing, canoes, archery, putt putt golf, crafts and much, much more.


After cleaning up from your morning activities, it's time to head back to the Dining Hall to re-fuel. Lunch is again served family-style, during this time, you will also receive mail.

Cabin Time

Spend time relaxing with your cabin-mates back at the cabin. This is also a great time to write to your friends and family who are not at camp.

Following Cabin Time, you head out the door to afternoon activities.

Free Swim

During the afternoon, water activities are a great way to stay cool!

Camp Electives

Have a blast learning something new in one of our Camp Electives; learning a new dance or making art…it's up to you! Maybe you'll choose Animal Husbandry…whatever you choose will be challenging and fun!

Snack Time/Canteen

A snack is always great to keep your energy going! Grab a snack or drink between First and Second periods, and chill out with your friends for a little while!

Second Free Swim/Elective Class


Another delicious family-style meal at the dining hall, followed by the loudest cheering in the South as Pit & Palace (cabin clean up) points are awarded!

Going Deeper (Bible Study)

After dinner, campers gather in their small groups to dig a little deeper in God’s Word and learn more about the day’s bible verse through sharing, participating in activities, and having an opportunity to ask questions.

Evening Activity

During the evening, the whole camp community gathers for an interesting activity highlighting our diverse community or for just plain old fun like an "un-talent" show, pool party, a game of capture the flag, or a bunch of other cool games! Throughout the season, we also have campfires where the camp community enjoys the great energy (and occasional Smores!) that campfires bring.

Milk & Cookies

A small evening snack of fruit & water or indeed … milk & cookies!


After a busy day the camp community gathers at Meadows Inspiration Point to enjoy the calm of nature, for a time of sharing a closing devotion.

Cabin Time

Before bed, campers reflect on the day they had at camp. Then, the counselors might tell a story, discuss a meaningful topic, or cabin mates might just chill out and just talk about the great day we had at camp! Cabin time is often the most memorable time at camp.

Lights Out

After so much fun and excitement in the fresh air, a little shut-eye always feels good at camp.