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Special Guest — B/M William Himes

William F. Himes was born on March 28, 1949, in Flint, Mich., to officer parents. He attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in music education and performance. Since that time he has appeared throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden as soloist, clinician and conductor.

Prior to becoming Central territorial music and gospel arts secretary, he taught instrumental music in grades 5-12 and he was also an adjunct lecturer in low brass at the University of Michigan. Well-known as a euphonium soloist and pianist, he is also a composer of music and lyrics as well as being a skilled administrator and educator with a vision for the future. More than 125 publications area credited to him and are featured on international broadcasts and recordings.

In 1977 he became Bandmaster of the Chicago Staff Band. This all-brass band was organized in 1907 and has made many recordings and performed throughout the world. Included in those tours was a performance at Buckingham Palace where Bandmaster Himes was received by Queen Elizabeth II.

An article in the March 12, 1994, War Cry stated, "In spite of his competence, 'erudite' and 'stuffy' are words never spoken of Bill. He does everything in an engaging, down-to-earth and humorous way. Underscore 'humorous,' Bill Himes and quick wit are synonymous. This lightheartedness spills over to his music, producing masterpieces like Solo Secondo – A Major Work for Second Horn."

He is a soldier in the Oakbrook Terrace Corps, having served as corps sergeant major, bandsman, songster, pianist, brass instructor and teacher. The July 22, 2000, War Cry stated, "Himes is known and loved not only for his musical expertise by also for his spiritual sensitivity. He began a leadership training program which provides sponsorship to students in South America West and East attending the Central Music Institute. In 1997, following the horrific destruction of the village of Shantinagar, Pakistan, Himes initiated a project to collect and ship new and used brass instruments to assist with the rebuilding of the local corps."

On July 2, 2000, at the International Millennial Congress in Atlanta, Ga., General John Gowans awarded the Order of the Founder to Bandmaster William Himes, who has a given exemplary leadership under the baton of the Chief Musician with an overwhelming desire to win souls.

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