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Meet Rita

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Christian comedienne and speaker Rita Morrow has spent the past decade entertaining audiences across the country though her unique 3-fold ministry originally known as Martha Marie & Me. Utilizing comedy, music, and inspiration, Rita dishes up an experience you won't soon forget, whether performing her zany yet loveable Martha Marie character, or singing and teaching straight from her heart.

Ever since a young girl growing up in rural Mississippi, Rita remembers creating a host of characters through skits and songs to share with family and friends. "My father was an avid weekend fisherman," she recalls. "Each evening I'd peer out the window to see his modest aluminum boat turned over, draining in the back yard. Seeing the raised platform appearing out of nowhere near my room I couldn't help but think to myself, That's no boat…That's a stage! Then I'd be back to the drawing board thinking up new songs and monologues to act out on that boat."

In the late '90s, Rita went from toying with a talent to speaking and performing professionally after being asked by the head of her women's ministry to provide the weekend entertainment for a large women's retreat held annually in Glorietta, NM.

Now having appeared on stage with such notable guests as Gloria Gaither, Women of Faith speaker Lisa Hilton, MOPS President Eliza Morgan, gospel singer Babbie Mason and others, she takes her mission seriously. "I'm thankful humor has an intrinsic value and worth on its own. But when paired with the Christian message, laughter can help prime our hearts as nothing else can."

Rita makes her home in Amarillo, TX with husband Paul, three sons, and four spoiled cats.